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New Social Enterprise Development Grants supported by the European Union and Sweden

Granturi pentru dezvoltarea întreprinderilor sociale.

East Europe Foundation, with the support of the European Union and Sweden, is offering 10 grants totalling EUR 375,000 for the creation or development of 10 social enterprises in the Republic of Moldova, including the Transnistrian Region. The grant certificates were handed over today, 13 June 2023, at a public event.

Facilitating the creation and development of social enterprises is the core activity of the project “Harnessing the CSO’s potential to promote and develop the social entrepreneurship in Moldova”, implemented by East Europe Foundation in partnership with “CONTACT” Centre and IP Keystone Moldova, with financial support from the European Union and co-funding from Sweden. The project aims to empower civil society organizations (CSOs) in the Republic of Moldova to engage in the creation and development of social enterprises that will contribute to the sustainable economic growth of communities.

During the grant award ceremony, Jānis Mažeiks, Ambassador of the European Union to the Republic of Moldova, said: “The development of social entrepreneurship is very important both for local communities and for the economy in general. Today we are continuing to support the development of social enterprises with ten new grants. We are pleased that through these grants we will be able to provide support in a variety of areas, from ice cream and toy production, to the development of digital literacy services or physiotherapy services, which will certainly contribute to improving the quality of life locally”.

Katarina Fried, Ambassador of Sweden in Chisinau reiterated Sweden’s openness to support the East Europe Foundation in promoting social entrepreneurship, “to promote the inclusion of the most vulnerable groups and to contribute to the promotion of their civil, political, social and economic rights”. The Ambassador also congratulated the grant recipients and wished them success in implementing their important initiatives and that the projects reach as many people in the country as possible to improve their lives and bring positive change to their communities.

Sorin Mereacre, President of East Europe Foundation, briefly presented the results of the efforts in developing social entrepreneurship in Moldova so far and expressed his confidence that by investing in this field we will achieve a more prosperous, inclusive and environmentally friendly society. “As of today, social enterprises are being funded to provide new jobs for disadvantaged people: youth, people with special needs, Roma minority, refugees, elderly people, women with several children – people who want to benefit from good jobs with adequate pay.  This project aims to create a favorable ecosystem for the development of social entrepreneurship. These efforts are carried out jointly with our partners – the „CONTACT” Centre and Keystone Moldova.  Together with them we will do advocacy, promote social entrepreneurship, trainings in various areas needed to develop an enterprise. At the same time, we plan to inform and promote social entrepreneurship among the population”.

Grant certificates were awarded to the following organisations:

  1. AO „ECO-RĂZENI” (Public Association “ECO-RĂZENI”)
  2. AO  „PAIDEIA” (Public Association “PAIDEIA”)
  3. AO Federația familiilor pentru unificare și pace în lume din Moldova (Public Association Federation of Families for Unification and World Peace in Moldova)
  4. Agenția pentru Dezvoltare Regională din or. Tiraspol (Tiraspol Regional Development Agency)
  5. AO Centrul Regional pentru Inițiative Sociale și Dezvoltare Durabilă (Public Association Regional Centre for Social Initiatives and Sustainable Development)
  6. AO „PINO – meșteșugărit jucării din natură” (Public Association “PINO – handcrafting toys from nature”)
  7. AO „Asociația pentru Dezvoltarea Competențelor Profesionale” (Public Association “Association for the Development of Professional Skills”)
  8. AO Centrul de instruire și dezvoltare personală ”ANIMA” (Public Association “ANIMA” Training and Personal Development Centre)
  9. AO ”INVALIFE” (Public Association “INVALIFE”)

Under the terms of the grant competition, the total amount allocated is EUR 375,000. The maximum amount offered is EUR 37,500 per project. The implementation period for projects funded under this grant competition is a maximum of 18 months.

Starting January 1, 2022, East Europe Foundation in partnership with Keystone Moldova and CONTACT Centre is implementing the project “Harnessing the CSOs’potential  to promote and develop of social entrepreneurship in Moldova”. The 36-month project aims to empower NGOs to engage in creation of social enterprises that contribute to the sustainable economic growth of communities. The project proposes a strong capacity building program, in particular in business and financial management, both for social enterprises and regional social business hubs, which will further guide the social enterprises. With the  project support, CSOs will empower disadvantaged people (youth, people with special needs, immigrants, Roma minority, elderly, etc.) to be socially and economically included in labour market. The project has created a favourable ecosystem for the development of social enterprises through access to professional consultations at regional level and raised awareness through nationwide media campaign regarding social entrepreneurship.