Nikita Turcu
A teenager who has “tamed” football

Nikita Turcu is just over 13 years old. He lives in Chisinau and is passionate about football. Actually, it is more than a passion. It is a lifestyle: five workouts a week, emotions every time on the pitch, and nine medals proudly up on the wall in his room.

When he has some free time he prefers to analyze the matches of big teams. Because success means effort… a lot of effort. Tours abroad are the reward for the invested efforts. There he interacts with his peers and learns Western game techniques.

Nikita has a dream: to see a Champions League final from the stand. He is convinced that his wish will soon come true. Thanks to the liberalized visa regime, he has visited several European countries. This is how he has tasted “freedom”. He belongs to the generation, for which boundaries are no longer an issue.

Fans, write down his name: Nikita Turcu. He will bring us fame in the world. The haughty gaze and serious attitude towards football hopefully will secure him a path to success with the terminus station in FC Barcelona.

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