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Olga Calmîc
An eight-year-old “citizen of the world”

Olga Calmic has dozens of visited countries in her portfolio. She is passionate about all kinds of traveling: by train, plane, car, with friends, family, or colleagues, and on most of the weekends. She can hardly imagine her life without the possibility to travel.

Still she remembers the times of endless queues at the embassies. Until eight years ago, that is, before the visa regime liberalization, she had never even left the country. The procedure of getting a visa was so complicated and expensive, and traveling was not so affordable, that traveling was out of the question in their family, recalls Olga.

Olga says that at the moment she feels like a “citizen of the world”. Today the passport she holds allows her to travel freely to dozens of countries. And that is not only about impressions and memories. Free movement is first of all about new horizons, interactions with various European cultures and experience that can be multiplied at home, believes Olga Calmic.