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A local bakery and confectionery at European standards

Almost two decades ago, the bakery and confectionery company Panilino launched their first line of biscuit production. It was a family business that, in the meanwhile, has made it to the top of Moldovan companies. Since then, Moldovan consumers no longer have to go to Paris to taste a butter croissant or a chocolate brioche. They can have it at home, says the director and co-founder of Panilino, Sergiu Guzun, smiling.

Until the visa regime liberalization Romania was the only export country for Panilino brand products. All the equipment was outdated, as was the production standard. Soon after the liberalization, the first European investment was made by the company’s managers – they bought French ovens and “borrowed” the knowledge of French confectioners.

For Panilino company the European space is not only an export destination, while their products are on the store shelves in 11 European countries. In Europe they also learned the secrets of management. From Europe they received financial support. In Europe they also buy raw materials unavailable in the Republic of Moldova, as well as equipment.

The history of the eight years since the visa regime liberalization definitely goes hand in hand with the history of the Panilino company development. Now, the business presents itself as European, not only because it operates at the highest standards, but also because the business management philosophy is also Western.