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People from Ștefan Vodă are better prepared for protecting their regional environment

In May, 18 people from Stefan Vodă region, interested in environmental protection, took part in a training dedicated to human rights defenders (HRDs) on environmental issues.

The group of participants was diverse, consisting of representatives of environmental NGOs, volunteers from the Environmental Protection Inspectorate and young people concerned about environmental protection.

A specific feature of the event was the application of HRDs legislation, presentation of practices and examples representative of Ștefan Vod district. As several localities in Stefan Vodă region are part of a protected area, basic knowledge on the application of environmental legislation is a useful tool not only for those with some experience and for HRDs fighting for environmental protection, but also for ordinary citizens.

The motto of the training was that although in most cases the “Right to a Healthy Environment” is promoted by one person, the result is felt by an entire community.

The young participants at the end of the training came up with the suggestion to translate the specific HRDs training for environmental protection into a language and set of mechanisms that are easy to understand and apply so that anyone who wants to protect the environment can find the necessary information and tools quickly and, in a form, ready to be applied.

The training was organised within the project “Shields for human rights defenders – Supporting Human Rights Defenders in the Republic of Moldova”, implemented by the Legal Resources Centre from Moldova in partnership with EcoContact Association and the International Commission of Jurists – European Institutions, with the financial support of the European Union. The content presented is the sole responsibility of the Legal Resources Centre from Moldova and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the European Union.