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RAW Moldova documentary photo exhibition at Europe Café

Expoziția de fotografie documentară RAW Moldova la Europe Café

Welcome to the first documentary photography exhibition of the RAW Moldova team at Europe Café. The opening will take place on May 16, at 18:00. The exhibition contains a series of works signed by 14 young Moldovan photographers. At the opening event, the album recently released by the Cartier publishing house will be also presented.

Raw Moldova is a group of documentary photographers, whose vision reflects everyday life in the Republic of Moldova, in its pure and raw form, without meaningful manipulations and conventional aesthetic filters. The name of the group refers both to the proper meaning of the word “raw” (eng. raw, unfiltered, unprocessed), and the meaning of the digital photography format – RAW, which contains several levels of unprocessed and uncompressed information, an analogy to unretouched sincerity of photos.

Authors of the photos:

Ramin Mazur
Andrei Moraru
Anya Galatonova
Mihail Calarașan
Elena Vatamanu-Mărgineanu
Lucian Hîrtop-Albu
Katerina Shosheva
Lucia Lupu
Lucian Spătaru
Max Shuz
Petru Vinari
Iura Tokmash
Veaceslav Celpan
Victor Organ

The exhibition is hosted by Europe Café between May 16-23. Free access.