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Communication services and promotion of the activities of the project „MOVE IT like Lublin – A Chisinau public transport sustainable development initiative”

Providing qualitative, efficient and effective public transport is one of the biggest challenges for public authorities in all countries and Chisinau is no exception in this respect. The existing legal framework at national level is insufficiently clear with regard to the options of organizing and managing the public transport system. The regulatory framework is affected by a lack of specific provisions on the operation of urban transport and enforcement mechanisms, as well as a lack of policies for the sustainable development of public transport.

In December 2020 Chisinau City Hall initiated a partnership with Lublin City Hall (Poland) called „Move it Like Lublin – a Chisinau Sustainable Development Initiative”. The financial support for this project is provided by the European Union. The Project’s activities aim at supporting the local authorities in Chisinau to transform the city’s public transport into more inclusive, safer, more resilient and more sustainable transport. It has 3 main objectives: 1) improving urban transport policy at municipal level; 2) increasing the institutional capacities of Chisinau City Hall, in line with EU practices in the field of urban mobility; 3) enhancing the quality of public transport management in Chisinau by implementing innovative solutions and technologies.

The purpose of this contract resides in ensuring the visibility of the Project and manage all aspects of awareness raising and communication in full compliance with the EU visibility guidelines; to develop and disseminate project-related information, promotion materials, working with project beneficiaries, staff and experts to ensure synergy in communication about the expected and achieved results of the Project.

Results to be achieved: Ensure project communication and visibility, social media activity, editorials, public press release production and act as the project official communicator.

Description of the assignment: City Hall of Chisinau Municipality seeks to contract a qualified company to be responsible for the development, regular update and implementation of the communication and visibility activities of the project in line with EU visibility guidelines (Communication and visibility manual for EU External Actions). The contractor under the supervision of the project manager will be responsible for implementing the Project’s Communication and Visibility Strategy, Project’s Communication Plan in close collaboration with the Project Implementation Unit, the Chisinau City Hall, as well as with the EU Delegation.

Start date & period of implementation of tasks: The Services are expected to start during February 2023 with an implementation period of 12 months.

Bid submission period: 16 – 19 January 2023

Auction starting: 20 January 2023, 14.00

More details: here.