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Programul EU4Digital lansează proiectul pilot privind schimbul automat de informații vamale între Republica Moldova și România

EU4Digital Facility launches pilot for automatic exchange of customs information between Republic of Moldova and Romania

The e-Customs pilot project was launched on 24 March by the EU4Digital Facility jointly with the Customs authorities of the Republic of Moldova and Romania.  It allows the automatic exchange of information through the Systematic Electronic Exchange of Data (SEED) system between the customs authorities of neighbouring countries.

As a result of the pilot, it is expected that the automatic exchange of customs information will increase the productivity of customs officials, allow faster border crossing and, ultimately, streamline freight traffic. After enabling the full-scale solution, the e-Customs pilot will facilitate the exchange of data between customs authorities in real time, will improve the time of release of goods and more efficient and effective risk assessment by applying modern mechanisms for exchange, analysis, and comparison of data, and will help in identifying discrepancies and other irregularities in advance.

The piloting project was launched for a day at the Leușeni – Albița border crossing point and allowed the participating customs administrations to test the exchange of data on empty means of transport.

Following the completion of the piloting stage, EU experts will draw up recommendations for implementing the SEED solution. As a result of testing the SEED application, it will be possible to analyse the opportunity of using it for the exchange of data for other types of transportation.

In the context of starting the pilot project, the parties signed a “Memorandum of Understanding between the Customs Service of the Republic of Moldova and the Romanian National Agency for Fiscal Administration on the pilot project on the automatic exchange of customs information under the EU4Digital Programme.” The Memorandum expressly contains the category and requirements of the dataset for automatic exchange. Following the pilot, the customs administrations will consider the possibility of expanding the use of the solution at other customs points, to facilitate border crossing.

The e-Customs pilot in the Republic of Moldova and Romania was designed after a successful pilot conducted earlier between Lithuania and Belarus, and based on over ten years of experience in using the SEED application for customs data exchange in the Western Balkans. 

The e-Customs pilot project is launched within the EU4Digital Facility project, funded by the European Union and implemented under the regional EU4Digital Initiative, jointly with the Customs authorities of the Republic of Moldova and Romania.

Background information:

The EU4Digital Facility aims to extend the benefits of the European Union’s Digital Single Market to the Eastern Partner states, supporting them in reducing roaming tariffs, developing high-speed broadband to boost economies and expand e-services, harmonising digital frameworks across society in areas ranging from logistics to health, building cyber security, developing skills, and creating more jobs in the digital industry.

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