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Roberta Metsola, the President of European Parliament, in visit to Europe Café

Roberta Metsola, President of the European Parliament, visited the main EU Information Centre in the Republic of Moldova on 11 November 2022. In the Europe café premises, Roberta Metsola was expected by the Young European Ambassadors who took the chance to address questions related to the EU membership status of Moldova, energy security, digital agenda and opportunities for youth.

Pretend that everybody who is in front of you doesn’t know anything about the European Union. We (European Union) need to explain more of what we do.” Roberta Metsola, the third woman to lead the European Parliament, explained that the ”European Union needs to listen more to people’s needs”.

Roberta Metsola encouraged the Young European Ambassadors to embrace an active role in shaping the European perspectives of Moldova, to take the initiative and stand for what really matters. “You are not the future; you are the present. Explain all to the people who doesn’t know anything about the European Union. It is all about convincing people and presenting your arguments. Debate anything you want to debate”, mentioned the European Parliament’s president. 

Roberta Metsola shared insights about her own path, inspirational ideas and useful tips during her visit at Europe Café. She even recounted how she got connected to the politics and the challenges she faced back then.  On the occasion, Roberta Metsola offered interviews to the local media outlets.