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Бизнес завтраки стали одним из основных инструментов связи ЕБРР с МСП

Business Breakfasts became a staple for EBRD’s communication with SMEs and a fast and efficient way of providing important information in an informal setting over a short period of time. The popularity of Business Breakfasts grown and now these events reunite up to 28 participants, while initially planned for 20.

In May of 2019 two of such event took place, one focusing on expanding businesses to Romania and from Romania to Moldova, and the second on the old and new challenges of financial management. The information has been delivered by representatives of Victoriabank and Price Waterhouse Coopers respectively.

The key feature of such events is the opportunity for open dialog between experts and representatives of the private sector.

The next event of the series is planned for June 11th. The topic of the event is Private Equity, and the key speaker is Tamas Nagy, director, co-head of Private Equity at EBRD.