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Success story of Olesea Vulpe – beneficiary of the ICT trainings, funded by the European Union

The number of people who change their professional profile due to technological progress, want to explore a new area or a suitable profession for remote work is growing, and the “ICT4Women Cahul” project offered women in the south of the country the opportunity to develop their IT skills for this purpose. We are talking about an online training initiative for women, which enables the participants to develop more professional skills. Thus, today 30 graduates of the programme work in successful projects of international companies right from their home office. They got their jobs through recruitment platforms and prepared for this day for 5 months, participating in training workshops, mentoring and career guidance sessions.

Olesea Vulpe is one of the beneficiaries who retrained professionally and successfully followed the content writing and communication course within the programme.

Olesea Vulpe, participant in the programme stated: “The course was very interesting, I received answers to all my uncertainties and curiosities. But the most important thing is that it helped me to structure my knowledge, to understand how this industry works and to be more self-confident. I liked the mentors for their professionalism, dedication and friendly communication.”

Previously, she had no connection with information technologies, and for 10 years she was a university lecturer at the State University “B. P. Hasdeu” in Cahul, where she taught marketing and tourism. Now she is working in tourism within a cross-border project.

In addition, Olesea Vulpe noted: “Currently, I’m involved in a project where one of my responsibilities is to write texts and edit various articles. When I found out about the programme, I saw the opportunity to develop my skills in this field. I write articles, announcements, posts on social networks, and thanks to the programme, I found out about certain opportunities that determine me to deepen my knowledge. Currently, I’m testing what I like to do, I haven’t decided if I’m going to build an IT career, but certainly all the information provided by the course will help me succeed in my activity.”

“ICT4Women Cahul” is implemented by ATIC, within the project “EU4Moldova: Startup City Cahul”, with the financial assistance of the European Union in partnership with Sweden.