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Team Europe: Two Years of Solidarity – Launch of the photo exhibition

Europe Café celebrates its second anniversary on 1st of October 2022. On this occasion, ‘Strategic Communication and Support to Mass-media in the Republic of Moldova’ project intends to launch the photo exhibition titled ‘Team Europe – Two Years of Solidarity’.

The photo exhibition showcases the European Union’s and Member States’ solid support to the Republic of Moldova provided during the last two years in the Team Europe spirit. The support points to the main areas of EU intervention as emergency assistance packages and long-term recovery measures, and offers a refreshed perspective of the Team Europe contribution to the well-being of the citizens for the Republic of Moldova.

The exhibition launch event is part of the Europe Café branding awareness process, whose focus is to consolidate the perception of Europe Café as a hub for online and offline events meant to generate dialogue, educate, and inform on the EU interventions in the Republic of Moldova in an original attractive way.