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The civil society in Glodeni supports a responsible community

Membrii asociațiilor obștești din Glodeni au accesat fonduri din cadrul Proiectului Eu4Accountability, lucru care le-a permis să creeze grupuri de inițiativă, să amenajeze terenuri de joacă și de sport, spații de odihnă, și să doteze instituțiile publice cu tehnică de monitorizare video.

The members of the regional public associations consolidated their efforts and succeeded, together with the community, in developing the infrastructure in several localities of the Glodeni district. Thus, they accessed funds from the Eu4Accountability Project, which allowed them to create initiative groups, arrange playgrounds, sports and retreat areas, and equip public institutions with video monitoring technology.

In the Cobani village in Glodeni district, the participatory budgeting process was implemented for the first time. Moreover, civil society contributed to ensuring decision-making transparency at the local level.

VICTOR ZAMA, executive director AO NEEMIA, project manager: “We tried to show the benefits of what happens if local people get involved in the process. The APL representatives, the mayor and the persons in the APL agreed that there are steps to improve this communication and involvement. We started a local newspaper, where one of the basic conditions was that council decisions and other information of public interest from the APL would be published to ensure the necessary awareness.”

Thus, a sports field and a playground for children were arranged in the city as part of the project. The work cost was 328 thousand lei. Within this project, the residents contributed alongside the authorities both financially and through labor.

RODICA TURCHINĂ, leader of the Cobani Initiative Group: “We formed the initiative group, we knew from the very start that we had 35 thousand, we also applied for fundraising and had a contribution from the citizens, then we participated in the works as well.”

NATALIA PLUTĂ, resident of Cobani: “Citizens need to participate in such projects, because only when you put your shoulder and help even a little, then you will understand how much work it contains and what is the purpose of this project, that is to say, that it should be long lasting, for several generations.”

CRISTINA BALAN, secretary of the Cobani Local Council, Glodeni district: “There were many challenges. The fact that it was a bit difficult to mobilize them, to get them interested as citizens, to get involved not so much financially, but with their contribution, I mean work, volunteering.”

In Camenca, to promote a healthy way of life, through the Eu4Accountability project, basketball and volleyball courts were arranged in the courtyard of the Vasile Coroban High School, with a value of 35 thousand lei.

OLEG RUSU, director of the Vasile Coroban High School, Camenca: “We dug the respective pits, we concreted the pits for the pillars, the pipes. Between classes, when the weather is favorable, in the spring, and now as long as the weather allows, the pupils are always outside. Some of them prefer to play volleyball, and some of them throw the ball into the basket.”

ANASTASIA BRICEAG, a pupil in the VIII class of Vasile Coroban High School, Camenca: “For us, the pupils, this playground is very important, because we have a place to spend our sports classes, also during the breaks, the students play here and we are delighted to have it .”

In the village of Butești, a leisure area was arranged. The work cost was 115 thousand lei.

ALA POSTOLACHE, mayoress of the Camenca village: “In the village of Butești, we implemented the participatory budgeting project for this development, a recreational area – “Popas la Căpitani”. The project was welcomed, and we developed a regulation that was reinforced at the Camenca Municipal Council. Based on this regulation, it was like a guide, after which we led together with the association and the civic society.”

ADELA BOGDAN, member of the Camenca village initiative group: “We get involved, we help, we wipe the cob, we clean, we sweep, we take care, we watch in the evening so that there is order, that it is not destroyed. It’s a joy for the village, it’s a beauty of the village, it’s something to praise.”

Civil society from the village of Balatina, Glodeni district, emphasized access to information of public interest.

RENATA BUZULEAC, local council, the English language teacher of the Balatina High School: “We opt for transparency, and transparency consists in the fact that we place on the information boards both at the City Hall and in our institution all the information regarding the decisions we make, we have a Facebook page, which also reflects all the activity and the decisions that are taken at the institution and community level, and last but not least, we have a Balatina newspaper, which is published both in digital and paper formats.”

RODICA COJOCARI, project director of “Education for participatory budgeting” Balatina: “The implementation mechanism of the budget program of community initiatives followed, where a competition was started, and 5 projects from institutions won. These are “Albinuța” kindergarten, “Porumbita” kindergarten, Balatina High School, Balatina Public Library. All the institutions were equipped with furniture and all the necessary things. Also, 10 national costumes were purchased for the Tomeștii Noi Library.”

Liliana Hristisean, interim director of “Albinuța” kindergarten: “We formed a community initiative group and decided that our kindergarten needs furniture, the furnishing of group spaces. The groups were equipped with small tables in one group, and in another group with cupboards, which are welcome for children.”

Equipping with new furniture was also the choice of the Balatina Theoretical High School, as the old desks and chairs were uncomfortable and damaged the students’ clothes.

OLESEA CAZACU, deputy director for training of the Balatina High School: “We applied our project with the title “Quality Education Inspires”. As a result, we benefited from benches, chairs, and desks. They have a positive impact on students. Thanks to this project, every student an own desk.”

To involve the citizens of Ustia and Hâjdieni in the process of monitoring local public policies, the representatives of AO “Solidarii Neamului” have equipped the Town Halls of these cities with video equipment, to broadcast live the meetings of the Consultative Commissions, the Local Councils.

ION CRUDU, founder of the “Solidarii Neamului” Association in Glodeni: “We want the budgets to be participative and more people to have access to all the data on how a budget is formed, how they can participate as civil society in the given budgets because through these tools will make it possible to further develop some social services, or other services for the benefit of the citizens.”

More than 86 thousand lei were allocated in this regard.

RODICA CHEPTEA, secretary of the Ustia Village Council: “We have succeeded since the implementation of this program, all the meetings were broadcast live on the town hall’s page, and the citizens became aware of the progress of the meeting, the problems, the issues that were resolved and approved at all meetings.”

“It’s very welcome not only at the City Hall, but also to broadcast lives from the District Council, I follow their page and I am interested in the news.”

The total budget of the project implemented by AO “Solidarii Neamului” Glodeni, was 19 thousand euros. The money was directed to carry out several training workshops, public consultations and surveys, a round table with civil society and the establishment of the Glodeni District Participation Council, and as a result, the mapping of civil society in the Glodeni district was also carried out.

The “EU4Accountability” project – Civil society empowered for better social responsibility in Moldova, is applied in the period 2022-2024, financed by the European Union and implemented by the European Association for Local Democracy, the European Partnership for Democracy and People in Need Moldova.

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