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We are two years young! Let’s celebrate together!

It’s been two years since we have been together. For two years we have been promoting the European values, for two years we have been providing you with pertinent information about the European Union’s opportunities. The most important information center of the European Union is turning two years ‘young’. Wе have provided a dynamic platform for communication, exchange of ideas and networking.

We grew up together, we implemented bold ideas, we came up with European visions for the future of the Republic of Moldova. We succeeded get connected to over 2 500 people who joined us for over 320 events during the last two years.

Come along and let’s get to know each other. You will learn more about what we do, we will answer your questions, we are going to have a good time together. Grab your coffee, tag us and let’s build a community that shares the same values. We are waiting for you in our European corner. Take a friend with you.