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Women are encouraged to develop businesses with grants from EU funds

March 15, 2024 – The launch event of the Women’s Entrepreneurship Support Program: Development Opportunities through European Grants took place today in the village of Bardar. This program, funded by the Government of the Republic of Moldova and the European Union, is accessible to women entrepreneurs nationwide. To this end, a grant contract was signed with the European Union last year to finance ODA support programs, worth a total of 8 million euros, for a period of three years. Of this contribution, approximately 720,000 euros are allocated to the Women’s Entrepreneurship Support Program.

Thus, women entrepreneurs are encouraged to develop their businesses, and those at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey – to start businesses.

The program provides both financial support and technical assistance for the growth and sustainability of businesses managed by women in the Republic of Moldova. At the same time, the Government aims to develop the managerial skills of women entrepreneurs by facilitating access to information, training, consulting and mentoring.

At the opening of the conference, the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economic Development and Digitalization highlighted that the Government is committed to contributing to building a more equitable society and promoting sustainable economic growth.

“The entrepreneurial spirit of women in the Republic of Moldova is stronger than ever, in all spheres, at all levels. We, the Government, support women in business through all the mechanisms at our disposal and work to offer them equal opportunities. We are by the side of each entrepreneur to help them reach their full potential”, remarked the Deputy Prime Minister.

His Excellency Janis Mažeiks noted that the European Union supports the increased participation of women in business in Moldova. The support provided gives women equal access to financing and entrepreneurship opportunities:

“Encouraging women’s entrepreneurship stimulates diversity and innovation, leading to a more dynamic and competitive economy. However, gender gaps still exist. These gaps are costly, representing missed opportunities for both individual businesses and the economy as a whole. For this reason, gender equality and women’s economic empowerment are a major political priority for the European Union. It is a cornerstone of the support provided to the Republic of Moldova on its path to a prosperous economy,” said the Ambassador of the European Union to Moldova.

Interim Director of ODA, Gheorghe Iudin, underlined that the programs initiated by the Government, with the support of the European Union, represent an opening to new opportunities for the business environment:

“The programs initiated by the Government, with the support of the European Union, represent an opening to new opportunities for the business environment. In the context of the recent women’s celebration, this event becomes symbolic, bringing with it both the prospect of economic progress and the opportunity to celebrate the contribution of women to the prosperity and diversification of our community. It is an auspicious moment for change and advancement towards a beautiful society,” Gheorghe Iudin declared.

Olesea Plugaru, the administrator of Carmangerie Barda, beneficiary of EU-funded ODA Programs is an example of a success story:

“This program is an opportunity that women have been looking forward to, and I am determined to use this opportunity to grow the business” the entrepreneur mentioned.

The program provides non-reimbursable financial support of up to MDL 200 000 for women entrepreneurs in their early stages and up to MDL 600 000 for growing businesses. In addition, the Programme includes providing technical assistance to support the development and consolidation of enterprises in the expansion phase. The applications are submitted online on the following link

We remind you that the Organization for Entrepreneurship Development (ODA), a public institution founded by the Ministry of Economic Development and Digitalization, has signed a grant contract of 8 mil. EUR with the European Union, to finance ODA support programs, for a period of 3 years. A budget of 720 000 EUR (from the total Project budget) is allocated for the Women’s Entrepreneurship Support Program. 

The full launch event is available online.

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