A Cup of Europe with the Ambassador of France in the Republic of Moldova

Despite heavy November rain, Europe Café received the visit of more than a dozen of young people from EU Info Centres and EuroClubs of Moldova State University, Moldova Academy of Economic Studies, Moldova International Free University, “Alexei Mateevici” College, “Spiru Haret” Lyceum for “A Cup of Europe” and warm coffee☺ with HE Graham Paul,  Ambassador of France in the Republic of Moldova. 

HE Ambassador Paul opened the afternoon with a brief history of the European Union, the shared values of its member states and the advantages of acting together in the competitive economic and political environment in which states have more to gain as a union rather than standing alone in the face of the big political and economic players. 

The participants continued with pertinent questions about France’s foreign policy, its position in relation to Russian aggression in Ukraine and the consequences of this frozen conflict at the border of Moldova for its European path. 

Discussions also touched topics such as the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism and the risk of carbon leakage caused by asymmetrical climate policies of non-EU countries in which policies to fight climate change are less ambitious than those of the EU members, international trade and other diplomatic measures in addressing crisis situations. 

“A Cup of Europe” is a series of events for the EUICS and EuroClubs aimed to provide concrete information about EU Assistance to Moldova but also EU shared cultural values across its member states and first-hand experience from EU MS Ambassadors and diplomats.


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