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Blue Book traineeships. Twice a year, the European Commission offers 5-month paid traineeship

Are you seeking a career breakthrough? Look no further than the European Commission’s Blue Book Traineeship program. Designed to foster talent and nurture future leaders, this program offers two distinct avenues: Administrative Traineeship and Translation Traineeship with the Directorate-General for Translation (DGT).

The Blue Book Traineeship program is welcoming candidates of all backgrounds and identities. Regardless of citizenship, gender, race, religion, disability, or sexual orientation, eligible candidates are encouraged to apply. Selected trainees have the opportunity to work across various departments of the European Commission, spanning locations such as Brussels, Luxembourg, and other EU hubs. This diversity of placement opens doors to a rich tapestry of experiences and insights into the workings of the European Union.

Upon completion of the traineeship, career pathways diverge, offering avenues into different entities within the European Commission and its agencies. From competition law to human resources, environmental policy to translation, the spectrum of opportunities is vast and dynamic.

To qualify for the Blue Book Traineeship, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Educational Background: Possession of a standard 3-year higher education degree (minimum EQF 6 level) or equivalent, validated by official documentation from the candidate’s university.
  • Limited Work Experience: Candidates should not have prior work experience exceeding six weeks in any EU institution, body, agency, delegation, or with Members of the European Parliament (MEPs).
  • Language Proficiency: Demonstrated proficiency in languages is essential:
    • Administrative Traineeship: Proficiency in two EU official languages, with one being a working language (English, French, or German) at C1 or C2 level, and the second at B2 level at minimum.
    • Translation Traineeship: Ability to translate into the main/target language (usually the mother tongue) from two other official EU languages, with one being a working language (English, French, or German) and the second at B2 level at minimum.

Prospective candidates are invited to apply twice a year:

  • For traineeships beginning in October, registration opens in February.
  • For traineeships beginning in March, registration opens in July-August of the previous year.

Whether you are a young graduate or an older professional making a career shift, there is no age limit to apply! Ready to take the next step? Discover more information about the Blue Book call, including application procedures and other essential details.

Closing date: 15 March