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Cantemir has its own shredder for vegetable waste, purchased with EU support

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A shredder for chopping plant residues resulting from cleaning of vines and orchards was purchased by AO AEER for the city of Cantemir, with the support of the European Union. The acquisition was possible within the project “Strengthening local capacities for the implementation of the strategy for sustainable energy in the town Cantemir (CCLISED)”, within the Local Grants Programme of the European Union.
  The shredder for agricultural waste was specially chosen to meet the needs of the project. Thus, it has a rotor with special steel teeth for capturing and pulling plant debris inside it, where there is another rotor with steel teeth fixed on it (patented principle), which produces uniform chips. With this patented cutting methodology, the production and collection of small fraction biomass is guaranteed, which allows the product to dry in a natural way and the possibility of using chopping in automated biomass boilers.
Thus, the obtained biomass will be used directly as biofuel for the future thermal complex in the town Cantemir, also built with EU support. According to experts, this ensures not only a source of energy – biofuel, but also environmental protection, by avoiding the illegal practices of burning vegetation wastes. The project team has already signed the first agreements with farmers in the region, who have agreed to provide vine residues for biomass production. And in mid-February, the shredder was taken out into the field and put into operation. AO Alliance for Energy Efficiency and Renewables is the beneficiary of the European Union’s Local Grants Program and implements the project in partnership with the Centre for Training and Educational Development.
The Local Grant Programme is launched based on the Single EU Support Framework, granted to the Republic of Moldova (2017- 2020) under the European Neighbourhood Instrument, through the project “Empowering the citizens of the Republic of Moldova” (2019-2021), funded by European Union and implemented by the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ). The project partner for the Southern Region is the Regional Centre for Assistance and Information of Non-Governmental Organizations “CONTACT-Cahul”.