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Creating new opportunities for youth!

#StrongerTogether #TeamEurope #EU4Moldova #EU4Youth

Creating a strong society is based on the educational sector and young people’s involvement in programs and activities meant to contribute to their development. In order to emphasize the EU’s support and assistance to the Republic of Moldova in this sector, the EU Delegation to the Republic of Moldova launched, in September 2019, the communication campaign “Stronger Together: Creating new opportunities for young people!”, in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, with the scope of increasing the outreach of the campaign to national level.

The campaign aimed to communicate about national and regional opportunities for young people, presenting tangible benefits of the relations between the EU and the Republic of Moldova. The campaign set out to achieve:

  • Raising awareness on existing and upcoming projects, as well as funding opportunities for youth, stimulating business development and ensuring young people’s access to existing funds;
  • Highlighting the achievements of youth projects and programs, business development and entrepreneurship (regional, national, local), emphasizing their impact on the daily lives of communities and individual beneficiaries;
  • Encouraging discussions about the needs of the young people in terms of involvement, business and entrepreneurship development, identifying viable solutions for the challenges to be tackled by local communities, including with EU support and assistance.

The “Stronger Together: Creating New Opportunities for Young People!” campaign took place from September 2019 till March 2020. Over 33 000 students from over 400 schools and universities from the entire country attended the EU SPECIAL LESSON implemented in their communities and schools. Also, over 1 200 students and teachers from rural schools received visits of Young European Ambassadors, and more than 400 of them had the chance to interact directly with the Ambassadors of the EU Member States and the beneficiaries of EU programs during the EU Talks conducted in Chisinau, Comrat, Leova, Cahul and Ungheni. 

120 000 people saw the billboards of the campaign in 5 localities where EU Talks took place. Over 2 million people have seen or heard the campaign via the 4 video and radio spots broadcasted on several TV and Radio stations, and over 600 000 people have been reached through social media and web.