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The Power of Civil Society Organizations. Debates by the Young European Ambassadors

Do you know what the real mission of civil society organizations is? We invite you Europe Café, to the event organized by the Young European Ambassadors in Moldova, the fishbowl debate called “Navigating Among Global Challenges: The Power of Civil Society Organizations”.

Civil society is organized on the principle of volunteering, without depending on the state authorities. Of course, one of the most important moments when civil society gets actively involved is during the electoral elections (education of the electorate, election observers, etc.), to ensure that the procedure proceeds democratically.

In what other situations is the involvement of civil society important? Come to properly explore the notion of “civil society” and discover its perspectives and impact as a driving force for societal change.

See you on February 27, starting at 4:30 p.m., at the Europe Café. Access to the event is free. To reserve a seat, please complete this form:

We look forward to seeing you at Europe Café.