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EU is the biggest supporter of private sector development in the Republic of Moldova.
Access to finance, to markets and to expertise is supported under the EU4Business programme.

This publication aims to raise awareness among the citizens of the Republic of Moldova and especially of the business environment about the opportunities and benefits resulting from the harmonization of national legislation with the provisions of the DCFTA. In this regard, the success stories of Moldovan companies that have already benefited from the results of the implementation of the Agreement since its signing are illustrated.

EU4Business Video Stories

The European Union supports Moldovan entrepreneurs

The European Union encourages entrepreneurs to improve their position in the local and international market, increasing their competitiveness and boosting their economic growth. Lefrucom SRL has managed to improve the quality of products, to access new markets and to create jobs. The Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA) offers valuable economic opportunities to Moldovan companies.

Strengthening the presence on European markets

Looking for reliable partners with whom they could collaborate to grow their business. The garment manufacturer “Gemini Clothing Limited” from Soroca district is committed to creating products that meet the highest quality standards. The company has strengthened its presence in various European markets. Its development strategies envisage ambitious prospects that could become a reality due to the opportunities offered by the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA).

Diversifying the product range thanks to the EU support

Efforts to expand the business. The clothing producer – Premier Dona, located in the city of Balti, benefits from the assistance provided by the European Union to diversify its wide range of products, increase their quality, establish genuine partnerships with potential development partners and strengthen its position in the external markets.

Access of domestic producers to the European market

The entrepreneur is willing to increase the amount of honey and bee products exported to the European market. Visapina Impex, a family business which aligned its products with European standards on quality and safety, so as to convince foreign consumers to buy the honey produced in the Republic of Moldova.

EU support for creating competitive products  

A local textile manufacturer from Orhei – Preva, strives to stimulate innovation and quality, thus helping to shape a competitive product for the European market. Preva company has improved its products and optimized its work processes thanks to the European Union’s commitment to support Moldovan companies to capitalize on the opportunities of the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA).

Advantageous lending conditions for Moldovan entrepreneurs  

With the support of the European Union, the agricultural enterprise DAMIAGRO SRL accessed low interest loans. At the same time, the young entrepreneurs were offered the opportunity to cover only 30% of the value of the pledge, the other 70% being guaranteed by the European Investment Bank. Find out how they expanded their business in video. More information about funding opportunities: or


  • Toys of natural textiles are manufactured in Ungheni, with the financial support of the European Union

  • EU4Business-EBRD credit line helps Moldovan honey-maker compete

  • An authentic blacksmith workshop in Cahul receives modern equipment purchased with the European Union’s financial support

  • From coach to entrepreneur in Cahul

  • An authentic blacksmith workshop in Cahul receives modern equipment purchased with the European Union’s financial support