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“EU4Moldova: Startup City Cahul” – an example of success discussed by guests of “Moldova ICT Summit 2021: The Future of Digital”

The European Union is one of the supporters of the digital reform program in the Republic of Moldova, taking a number of actions aimed at promoting the main areas of the digital economy and community.

Thus, through the initiated programs, the EU contributes to ensuring economic growth, creating more jobs, improving people’s lives and helping the business environment.

This was stated by the EU Ambassador to the Republic of Moldova, Jani Mazeiks, at the most important event of the ICT industry in our country – Moldova ICT Summit. One of the key projects of the European Union, enhancing the potential of the digital economy, business development based on innovations, increasing competitiveness, attractiveness of the ICT workforce, of which at the regional level, is called “EU4Moldova: Startup City Cahul”.

The aim of the initiative is to help narrowing the gap in the level of information technology between the center and the south of the country, and to promote economic growth through technology and innovation.