Get immersed in the ‘Secret Lives’ of the Estonian artists 

Everybody may hide a secret world inside, which is unimaginable, magnificent, wonderful and vibrant. We invite you to discover the distinctive personal worlds of famous Estonian artists who imagined secret lives of fairy tale inspired by Estionian myths, wildlife and world literature. 

The exhibition called “Secret Lives” is organised by the Estonian Embassy on the occasion of celebrating the 30 years of diplomatic relations between Republic of Estonia and the Republic of Moldova and the strong and deeply rooted diplomatic and cultural connections between the two countries.

The exhibition features the works of the acclaimed Estonian artists Viive Noor, Kadi Kurema, Regina Lukk-Toompere and Urmas Viik. The art of the illustrators has been appreciated outside of their home country as well. The world had the chance to meet the characters of Grimm’s, Andersen’s and Lewis Carroll’s fairy tales, get connected to the Estonian stories and culture and immerse in the complexities of the secret surreal lives encompassed in the graphic exhibition.

The Estonian artists have been known for their exquisite work, participation in international exhibitions and prizes in fields such as illustration, book graphic design, painting, photography, object and miniatures design. 

Be our guest at Europe Cafe during 23 November – 3 December and get immersed into a fantastic experience of an exhibition that made a tour around the world. All those interested to get connected to the Estonian art are invited to visit the main EU Information Center starting with 10.00 and ending with 17.00.


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