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Stronger together

What is
Team Europe?

#TEAMEUROPE was born out of the extraordinary conditions created in 2020 by the COVID-19 pandemic, as a united European response to the major needs emerging in the partner countries. Team Europe combines the collective development resources of the EU, Member States — including their respective financial institutions and implementing agencies — the European Investment Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Its response is global and addresses three priorities:

  1. emergency response;
  2. support to health, water/sanitation and nutrition systems; and
  3. support to socio-economic recovery that helps partner countries to ‘build back better’ by focusing on a sustainable, green, and digital recovery. Work is ongoing to extend its purpose beyond the corona crisis.

European solidarity has reached unprecedented levels in the last two years. First, the COVID-19 pandemic and its regrettable consequences, and now, the Ukrainian tragedy, binds the Europeans for a historical unity. 17 EU Member States and Norway have expressed their solidarity with the Republic of Moldova in managing the challenges posed by the flow of refugees from Ukraine, providing humanitarian aid through the European Union’s Civil Protection Mechanism worth more than €10,5 million. Humanitarian aid includes ambulances, fully equipped tents, power generators, water tanks, basic goods, food, medicines and fuel. In addition, the European Commission has allocated €4.2 million from its own rescEU strategic reserve and over €430,000 through the newly created European Commission unit EHCR – European Humanitarian Response Capacity. At the same time, another €13 million were offered to the Republic of Moldova by 5 EU member states as bilateral support for managing the inflow of refugees.

  • Romania supports Ukrainian refugees

How has Team
Europe acted
in the Republic of Moldova?

In the Republic of Moldova, Team Europe has been providing a continuous support to the country and its citizens during COVID-19 pandemic, but also overcoming its impact on people’s wellbeing. The Republic of Moldova was the first European country to benefit from the COVAX Facility and the EU Civil Protection mechanism.

Overall, the EU has so far supported the disbursement of:

  • €127 million in grants. This package is being mobilized using a combination of existing and new funds to deliver concrete support to the people of the Republic of Moldova.
  • 1,000,000 doses of vaccines already delivered to Moldova through COVAX or via donations by the EU Member States under the vaccine-sharing mechanism.
  • Member States have also provided PPE, lifesaving critical medical equipment, and other supplies bilaterally or through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism. The total value of the EU Member State countries (August 2021) is over €20 million.
  • An emergency COVID-19 macro-financial assistance programme was disbursed for Moldova, worth €100 million in loans on highly favorable terms.

Why is
Team Europe important?

Team Europe shows an example of strong partnership and solidarity to build our life back but better in a green, just, sustainable and inclusive way, while being responsive to human development priorities.

Team Europe means more resources from the EU budget and from the relevant financial resources of the participating EU Member States to increase the impact of the EU’s development and its neighborhood policies.

Team Europe approach enhances coordination and optimal use of the resources for sustainable impact.

Team Europe represents a new era of working better together.

Team Europe aims to support transformational change by delivering concrete results for partner countries, making the EU and its Member States the partner of reference in a priority area.

Team Europe Initiatives are grounded at the most appropriate level be it country or regional/multi-country level.

Team Europe Initiatives are open to all participants to Team Europe who are interested in working together (an inclusive approach) in the design, financing and implementation of actions.

How does
Team Europe

Since its launch, Team Europe has been focused on pulling resources together and better coordinating, to ensure that collectively we achieve the greatest sustainable impact and transformational change. In a dynamic geopolitical context, Team Europe is about establishing a leading role on the global stage, protecting EU values and goals.

The Team Europe approach sends a strong message of the European partnership and solidarity. Team Europe can represent the common positions and objectives of its constituent parts at country or international level wherever there is a joint agreement to do so.

Team Europe Initiatives

Team Europe Initiatives (TEI) are the flagship of the Team Europe approach. They deliver concrete results for partner countries, in line with their strategic and national priorities, and promote the ‘Team Europe’ brand. The design, financing and implementation of TEls are open to all members of Team Europe, to make the best use of European expertise and resources. TEls are financed both from the EU budget and from the relevant financial resources of the participating EU Member States.

    The European Union, its member states, financial institutions and implementing agencies joined their efforts to bring hope to the people, to build a brighter future together under the Team Europe initiative. Since the pandemic outbreak, the Team Europe has taken the commitment to provide the necessary support to the Republic of Moldova to overcome the extraordinary consequences of the COVID-19 crisis. Moreover, Team Europe has become a partner of reference focused on people’s wellbeing. Find out more about Team Europe and the assistance offered to the Republic of Moldova.