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Live Project photo exhibition. How is it like to face a destructive force when you are naked?

Live Exhibition

20 Ukrainian artists are the authors of a unique photographic exhibition: LIVE PROJECT. They present the stories of ordinary people facing nakedly the destructive force of the war in Ukraine using symbolic bold images. Doctors, teachers, journalists, artists, IT specialists, Ukrainian volunteers, along with many others share their war-related vulnerability in pictures and words.

Each story encompasses the human dimension of the war and the way it has impacted their lives by dividing them into ‘before’ and ‘after’. The traumatic everyday life, full of violent events, changes them leaving deep scars. Their skins are imbued with the terror of the war. There is no person in Ukraine whose face does not show signs of fear and vulnerability. Despite their human fragility and defenselessness as civilians, these people succeed to resist and continue fighting for freedom, democratic values, and security all over Europe.

The authors of the exhibition explore the phenomenon of ‘normalisation’ of the war and its consequences. Unfortunately, if we are not part of traumatic events or witness them first-hand, the frequency and duration of news about war make us “accustomed” to it. Therefore, we stop perceiving acutely the suffering and even death of other people.

The LIVE exhibition is a collective call of Ukrainians for the world to stand by Ukraine and offer support in their struggle for life and peace.

The project is possible due to financial support of the European Union under the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Fellowship Programme.

The photographic exhibition LIVE will be displayed at Europe Cafe (Chisinau, 79 Șciusev Street) from 3-24 February. The doors are open for visitors from Monday to Friday, 09.00-17.30. The exhibition contains partially nude content. More info on