Breaking the silence: Elder abuse in the Republic of Moldova

Project Description
The project aims to alleviate all forms of neglect, abuse and violence against older women and men in the Republic in Moldova. Specifically, the project worked to protect older people, with specific attention to older women, against domestic violence, neglect and abuse though strengthened support services; to mobilise the community and state authorities in the awareness raising, promotion and protection of the rights of older victims of domestic violence and abuse.
Specific Objective
- To enhance the inclusiveness and pluralism of civil society by building the capacity of civil society networks – NGOs and Older People Groups (OPGs) to respond to elder abuse.
- To raise public awareness and build dialogue between different sections of civil society, local government structures and national level government on the rights of older women and men.
- To enhance political representation and participation of older women and men on the issue of domestic and community violence and abuse.
Expected Results
- To identify the perceptions and understanding of abuse and violence of older people in Moldova.
- To recognise the phenomenon and to bring up clear statistics through qualitative and quantitative research on the situation of older people in Moldova.
- To identify recommendations and strategies that need to be developed to eliminate all forms of neglect, abuse and violence against older women and men in the Republic of Moldova.
- To carry out a national survey on elder abuse with a sample of 1,596 respondents in order to inform government policy on protection of the rights of older people.
- To carry out capacity building activities which will enable duty-bearers represented by eight Multidisciplinary Teams (MDTs) of the National Referral System, (NRS) Government structures and institutions such as Social Assistance and Family Protection Directorates at rayon and at local level, Medical Service Providers and Primarias to diversify their services and provide age-appropriate support for older victims of violence and abuse.
- Community based actions developed by project NGOs and volunteers groups will enable older people to understand the issue of abuse and various types of violence and together find solutions, and solicit support, helping to resolve 1,203 cases of violence.
- To increase public awareness about domestic violence and elder abuse through key project campaigns at both local and national levels - the annual UN 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence and global Age Demands Action (ADA) campaign of HelpAge, project publications and information materials.
- The performance of the play “Batranii Nostri” (“Our Elderly”) to be seen nationwide and to become an eye-opening experience, providing insight into a problem believed to be non-existent. (The play was viewed by 471 spectators of different ages and audiences.)
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