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EU4Digital: Connecting Research and Education Communities project (EaPConnect)

Project Description
The second EaPConnect project builds on the achievements of the first project, bringing together the research and education communities from the EU and Eastern Partner countries and reducing the digital divide.
The project will extend the network infrastructure to scale-up scientific exchange across borders, increase the use of services implemented under the EaPConnect and offer new services to enhance international R&E cooperation, strengthen the position of EaP national research and education networks (NRENs) in their national R&E ecosystems and build knowledge, skills and collaborative working through events, training and other initiatives.
Specific Objective
- Extend network infrastructure and services for research and education, and their reach within EaP countries, reducing the digital divide.
- Increase the sustainability of international network connectivity and of the national research and education networks to be able to continue supporting their national R&E ecosystems and digital agendas beyond the lifetime of the project.
- Develop links with other European infrastructures and initiatives.
- Support participation of EaP researchers and educators in international collaborations so that they are as present in European initiatives and projects as other R&E communities across Europe.
Expected Results
- Procure and provide high-bandwidth network infrastructure dedicated for research and education, and ensure its logical integration with the pan-European GÉANT network.
- Provide above-the-network GÉANT and other services that support the needs of research and education communities to access resources and work together online.
- Provide access to training, workshops and mentorships to build knowledge and relationships that support the sustainability of beneficiary partners and their ability to achieve the project goals.
- Organise conferences, outreach to user communities, and other activities to raise visibility of the project, partners, achievements and benefits among varied stakeholders and to build knowledge sharing and human networking.
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Priority Area:
Partnership that connects, Partnership that creates
Digital (broadband, mobile, eGov, digital innovation, cyber), Education, Research and Innovation
Digital, Research and Innovation
EaP Countries:
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Republic of Moldova, Ukraine
Project Status:
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