Improving Spatial Data Services in the Republic of Moldova following EU standards

Project Description
The "Improving spatial data services in the Republic of Moldova following EU standards" Twinning project aims to contribute to further development of National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) in the Republic of Moldova, based on EU INSPIRE Directive. It will enable the Agency for Land Relations and Cadastre (ALRC) to assess constraints in managing geospatial data in a more efficient and sustainable way, and take corrective measures towards achieving this. As a final goal of this project, the National Spatial Data Infrastructure should be a functional tool for citizens, public institutions and economic operators in order to check relevant information regarding properties, infrastructures and environmental issues on any particular zone of the country. Furthermore, NSDI will provide reliable tool to the authorities for better planning capabilities in a broad range of sectorial policies, namely transport, environment and agriculture among others.
Specific Objective
To enhance e-government through improved spatial data sharing and cooperation among authorities in line with EU standards and best international practices.
Expected Results
- Status of NSDI development in Moldova analysed and conclusions drawn/Strategy, Strategic Plan and Roadmap developed/ Enhanced Institutional Framework Established / Existing and potential Stakeholders/Users incl. their spatial data/service needs identified/Licencing developed.
- NSDI costs identified/NSDI Benefits identified/NSDI Business Model and Business Plan developed.
- Analogue -Digital (A-D) Conversion conducted/Geo-referencing of Spatial data developed/Data Specification developed/Initial Metadata catalogue extended and improved/Data harmonisation undertaken/Technological Framework and Infrastructure reviewed and improved/A Pilot project performed, having as objective testing and evaluating the proposed in Component 3 guidelines, specifications, harmonisations and technological improvements.
- Training conducted/Awareness Campaign on NSDI undertaken.
- Existing legislation on NSDI reviewed and improvements - proposed.
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Priority Area:
Partnership that protects
Governance & public administration
Good government
Project Status:
Start Date:
End Date:
Implementing Organisation:
Croatian State Geodetic Administration, Dutch Enterprise Agency, Polish Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography, Central Finance and Contracting Agency,
Funding by the EU:
€1 800 000
EU Project Number:
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