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Strengthening the rights of minorities in the Republic of Moldova

Project Description
The 21-month project aims to significantly broaden the scope of minority rights protection by focusing on its three components: promotion and protection of minority identity, equality and non-discrimination, and effective and meaningful participation.
Specific Objective
1. Strengthening the rights of minorities in the Republic of Moldova;
2. State structures strengthen their capacity to respect, promote and fulfil minorities’ rights through international and regional human rights protection mechanisms;
3. Minorities have increased capacities to claim their rights and access services, and have enhanced participation in public life and decision making;
4. State institutions apply a human rights-based approach to minorities’ data in their work.
Expected Results
1. The national mechanism for implementation, reporting and follow-up is strengthened and increasingly used to promote minorities’ rights;
2. Policy makers are better equipped to integrate minority rights in their work;
3. Access to services for Roma minorities increase;
4. Roma community mediators are empowered to more effectively carry out their role;
5. The National Bureau of Statistics has the necessary expertise required to conduct the EU-SILC survey.
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Priority Area:
Partnership that protects, Partnership that empowers
Rule of law & human rights, Civil society
Human rights
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EU Project Number:
NDICI- GEO-NEAR/2023/449-817