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Project Description
The rampant flow of disinformation poses a key challenge to Moldova, undermining the fragile democratic progress. To provide viable solutions, the project will act in three directions. First, it will work with local media and key stakeholders to engage them in an innovative dialogue format. Specifically, local media, public administrations and civil society will form Crisis Communication Chapters (CCCs) and will produce reliable information for their communities. Secondly, it will create and distribute media and information literacy (MIL) educational content. To help media consumers develop critical thinking and raise their awareness towards online threats, MIL content will be produced for the general public, but with a focus on vulnerable groups - elderly people and youth. And thirdly, journalists will be supported to prevent and combat digital, physical and psychological threats. Acknowledging the rising hostility towards journalists and a rapid growth of digital threats, burnout and stress, national and local media will be trained to prevent and to defend against attacks. A 3-dimensional (3D) Media Safety Program will address physical, digital and psychological safety. Special attention will be given to the topic of mental health.
Specific Objective
The action follows a holistic approach, equally addressing media consumers and the media themselves as watchdogs of democratic changes and providers of an open public dialogue. As such, it focuses on an overall objective and a specific objective, as follows:
1. to contribute to a safe information ecosystem with strong media as watchdogs of democratic changes, thus building a resilient democratic society in the Republic of Moldova (overall objective, OO);
2. to strengthen media actors and media consumers to produce and access trustworthy quality reporting and thereby foster communities' resilience to disinformation (specific objective, SO).
Expected Results
1. Local media and key stakeholders are engaged in an innovative dialogue format and produce reliable information for their communities.
2. Media and information literacy (MIL) educational content to detect disinformation and mitigate its destructive effects on media consumers online is created and distributed.
3. Journalists have improved their capacities to prevent and counter digital, physical and psychological threats.
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