Eastern Partnership Civil Society Facility (2016-2020)

Project Description
The Eastern Partnership Civil Society Facility promotes the role of civil society actors through innovation based on e-learning, the development of digital solutions to improve public sector accountability, cooperation and networking among civil societies and governments through the region. It accompanies EU financial support to activities carried out by civil society organisations, and creates synergies between bilateral and regional initiatives for civil society.
Specific Objective
The objective of the Project is to strengthen and promote civil society’s role in reforms and democratic changes that are taking place in the Eastern Partnership countries.
Expected Results
The project has five components:
1) Mapping studies for a better understanding of civil society organisations in the partner countries and their problems.
2) E-learning courses and webinars for more technical knowledge to strengthen civil society capacity and local impact.
3) Hackathons to develop new ICT tools to empower digital participation of civil society to collect and analyse data, improve transparency and communication of governmental decisions and spending, to enable broader participation in decision making processes.
4) Better communication for high-impact civil society work to improve the image of civil society work and learn how to communicate it better.
5) Civil Society Fellowships for future leaders in key sectors, to enable them to drive change.
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Priority Area:
Partnership that empowers, Partnership that creates, Partnership that protects, Partnership that creates
Civil society, Employment and entrepreneurship, Governance & public administration, Education, Research and Innovation
Civil society, Research and Innovation, Good government, Business
EaP Countries:
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Republic of Moldova, Ukraine
Project Status:
Start Date:
End Date:
Implementing Organisation:
Funding by the EU:
€3 981 000
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