Community-Led Urban Strategies in Historic Towns (COMUS)

Project Description
The COMUS project is part of the Eastern Partnership Culture Programme II funded under the European Neighbourhood Instrument. Based on community-led processes, COMUS supports nine small and medium-sized historic towns to develop an integrated, sustainable and participative approach for the protection, planning and management of heritage resources as a component of urban renewal policies.
COMUS was implemented in 9 pilot towns selected by national Ministries of Culture: Goris and Gyumri, Armenia; Mstislav, Belarus; Chiatura and Dusheti, Georgia; Soroca, Moldova; Lutsk, Pryluky and Zhovka, Ukraine.
Specific Objective
The Project aims to stimulate social and economic development by enhancing cultural heritage in nine small and medium-sized historic towns in Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine, bringing stakeholders together to find solutions for sustainable and socially local economic growth through their heritage resources, in a sustainable and socially inclusive manner.

Expected Results
- Establishing COMUS management structures in the five countries and nine pilot towns, including national and local stakeholder groups, project implementation units and project managers.
- Reference plans for the nine towns, preliminary technical assessments for five sites/initiatives and feasibility studies for two initiatives in each COMUS town.
- Regional workshops and study visits, country-based workshops with local and international experts, training sessions.
- Awareness-raising initiatives including community mobilisation through consultation processes, meetings, community-based activities and heritage walks in the nine COMUS towns, town-based promotional videos and brochures.
- Integration of COMUS methodology into policy and strategy making.
- Workshop with nine mayors and joint declaration of COMUS mayors.
Project map
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Priority Area:
Partnership that creates
EaP Countries:
Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Republic of Moldova, Ukraine
Project Status:
Start Date:
End Date:
Implementing Organisation:
Council of Europe
Funding by the EU:
€430 000
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