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EU4Business Facility

Project Description
The "EU4Business Facility" is an umbrella project to monitor and communicate the EU Support to SMEs in the Eastern Partner countries in access to finance, improving the business enabling environment, developing SME skills and capacity and access to markets.
Specific Objective
The Project aims to improve information on EU support to private sector development and its impact in the Eastern Partner countries, contributing to the development of sustainable and equitable economic growth models by:
- Generating more investments.
- Improving socio-economic conditions.
- Improving employment opportunities.
Expected Results
- Ensure regular monitoring of EU4Business activities, including through the publication and presentation of an annual report with consolidated data on achievements made under the EU4Business initiative.
- Assess the impact of the activities and results of the projects under EU4Business regional and bilateral programmes, based on predefined indicators, including an assessment of gender mainstreaming across the initiative.
- Maximise outreach by developing professional communication and outreach activities, in coordination with the projects under the EU4Business initiative, for informing and engaging with EU4Business key stakeholder groups, including SMEs, IFIs, partner country administrative and government bodies, Business Support Organisations, universities and future entrepreneurs.
- Package key information on the impact of EU4Business activities collected from project implementers and make it available for the EU’s professional communication contractors at both central and local levels.
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Priority Area:
Partnership that creates
Economy & trade
EaP Countries:
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Republic of Moldova, Ukraine
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