LEADER Approach for Rural Prosperity in Moldova

Project Description
The project aims to create a supportive environment for further functioning of the LEADER approach in the Republic of Moldova as a method that ensures sustainable development and modernisation of rural areas.
An essential part of the project is to increase institutional capacities of Local Action Groups (LAGs) to implement local development strategies for integrated local growth. Advocacy and support for central authorities to design the legal framework for the functioning of LAGs, as well as the promotion of the LEADER approach as public policy for rural development, is another important component of the Action.
Assistance for LAGs and co-financing of projects that aim at improving the living conditions of local communities is ensured through the following financial instruments that address rural challenges:
- EU-LEADER Rural Development Fund supports the implementation of Local Development Strategies of LAGs with a total budget of 780 000 EUR;
- EU-LEADER Flagship Initiatives finances flagship rural development projects based on LEADER principles with a total budget of 200 000 EUR;
- EU-LEADER Partnership Fund sustains partnership initiatives aimed at experience sharing among LAGs. The total budget of the fund is 40 000 EUR;
- EU-LEADER Innovators aims at consolidating Local Action Groups as role-models for specific sectors that have potential to significantly contribute to the economic growth of the LAGs area. The total budget of the fund is 90 000 EUR.
Specific Objective
- To contribute to creation of a supportive environment for further functioning of the LEADER approach what ensures sustainable development and modernization of Moldovan rural areas.
- To improve the living conditions and increase the attractiveness of rural areas through implementation of the LDSs and empowering the LAGs as community-led local development actors.
- To strengthen the capacities of LAGs through increasing the role of the National LEADER Network in providing technical assistance and mentoring for LAGs, as well as in stimulating innovative solutions for rural development.
- To ensure a dialogue with the national stakeholders on designing, implementing and monitoring rural development policies.
- To ensure visibility and experience exchange of the implementation of the EU-LEADER approach in Moldova at both national and international levels.
- To create role-models of managing innovative instruments for sustainable rural development by LAGs.
Expected Results
- Approximately 230 local development projects implemented within LAG managed calls.
- 12 local entrepreneurs implemented LEADER flagship projects that harness the potential and local resources and contribute to the economic development of the area.
- 23 LAGs built-up their capacities in managing community-led local development processes and implementing their Local Development Strategies.
- 32 LAGs were provided with coaching and technical assistance in the field of institutional and human capacities development.
- 7 territorial partnerships benefited of individualised coaching and guidance to create new LAGs.
- 3-6 LAGs became role-models in implementing sector development plans in one specific area (tourism, culture, local food);
- 14 mentoring partnerships between LAGs created and consolidated.
- 12 Regional Forums of LAGs organised.
- 3 policy papers on rural development published and widely distributed.
- LEADER approach promoted as prospective state policy.
- Support in the creation of the legal framework for the activity of LAGs as legal entities provided to central authorities.
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Partnership that creates
Agriculture and rural development
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Solidarity Fund PL în Moldova
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€1 419 643
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