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Stronger Together

The main focus of this communication campaign is to increase the level of awareness of Moldovan citizens on the European Union and its Member States, its role in its relations with the country and the support and assistance provided, as well as its culture and values.  The “Stronger Together” Communication Campaign aims to communicate about tangible results to the Moldovan people due to EU assistance and support. Developed as an umbrella campaign created to gather under the same core narrative the information and communication activities implemented by the EU and EU funded projects, as well as bilateral support of EU Member States under the Team Europe spirit, “Stronger Together” aims to provide objective and interesting information about EU values and culture, as well as EU assistance and support.  

The campaign has several specific objectives: 

  • Informing about tangible results of EU assistance and reforms implemented in the context of EU-Moldova relations, about the efforts to improve the quality of life of Moldovan citizens;
  • Engaging civil society, community organizations and social networks to inform and share knowledge on EU values and assistance provided, focusing on people’s well-being at the core of their actions; 
  • underlining the tangible impact of EU support on the development of the Republic of Moldova from an economic perspective. 

The “Stronger Together” campaign was launched to mark several important milestones, which highlight the results of EU-Republic of Moldova relations: 

  • The 10th Anniversary of the Eastern Partnership;
  • The 5th Anniversary of the Association Agreement between Moldova and EU;
  • The 5th Anniversary of the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA);
  • The 5th Anniversary of the Visa Liberalisation for Moldovan citizens to the EU members states. 

Communication activities envisaged to increase EU visibility through the “Stronger Together” campaign have been linked to a series of actions implemented by several EU funded projects. 

EU Day 2019

A TV spot invitation of H.E. EU Ambassador for people to celebrate EU Day in Chisinau, Cahul and other cities and villages all around the country was produced and broadcasted on the most diverse split of the 6 national TV, 7 regional TV channels and 5 national radio stations.

EU Day in Tiraspol 2019

The Europe Day in Chisinau and Cahul was followed by the EU Day flagship event in Tiraspol with the participation of EU Delegation, 13 EU Embassies and 4 EU Projects, as well as US Embassy to Moldova and OSCE Mission to Moldova high officials.


  • According to the data provided daily by the TV monitoring company, 446.608 people saw the EU Day spot at least once and 734.452 of people saw the video at least 3 times.
  • The Open-Air event was attended by at least 600 of people from Transnistria, especially young students from local university. The event was picked up by local media, as the journalists from the right bank of the Nistru river were not allowed to attend it.