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EU-funded thermal rehabilitation of the „M. Eminescu” Gymnasium from Cantemir is nearing completion

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The thermal rehabilitation works carried out in the EU CanTREB project shall soon finalise in „M. Eminescu” Gymnasium from the Cantemir town.
Currently, about 80% of the works have been completed. The exterior walls and basement are completely insulated, and the pediments (ends of the attic) of the central block are insulated. During the insulation work on the flat roof, the EU CanTREB project team noticed that there were windows on the roof of the Gymnasium, which had been unused for many years, clogged with debris and covered with slate sheets. Thus, they were cleaned and restored, using modern materials – polycarbonate, resistant to UV action. Two layers of polycarbonate at the top and bottom of the window create a thermal air cushion between them, which acts perfectly as a thermal insulator with a thickness of about 1 m.
Thanks to this cheap but efficient solution, the corridor, a classroom and the gym no longer need lighting during the day. Previously, there was always a light on in these spaces. Thus, both an aesthetic and an economic problem were solved – a simple way to save energy, using daylight. At the same time the school administration is contributing with improvement of internal premises and arrangement of the associated territory. The contract is expected to be finished by the end of May 2021. Meanwhile, the works include the installation of awnings at the entrances, the repair of the escape staircase, painting of the foundation part and the restoration of the pavement around the building.