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Multi-Dimensional Partnership for Inclusive Sustainable Economic Development in Carpineni Commune

Project Description
With the European Union's assistance, the project is aiming to create an inclusive framework and a sustainable economic development of Carpineni commune. The project is based on 3 reference points: high-performance human resources, infrastructure, partnership.
The economic support and software infrastructure will be improved in order to encourage the business environment in Carpineni commune to improve business models and explore new business opportunities.
Specific Objective
- Promoting entrepreneurship for millennials: self-realization as the main motivation.
- Invest in local human resources, as means to increase competitivity and accelerate the adaptation of SMEs to structural
- Inclusive workforce market: shared prosperity and decent work.
- Access to business infrastructures and business data: accounting services, legal services, human resources services, management&marketing consulting services and IT consulting services, newsletter free service.
- Creating a local brand to win hearts and minds: Carpineni as food producer: natural and tasty; Carpineni as investment destination.
Expected Results
- Entrepreneurial training programme for 20 young people, focused on increasing technical innovation, social innovation, gender equality and sustainable development; 20 business plans encouraging innovation technology and innovative industries such as the cultural and creative industry and social economy, specific counseling for grant applications, 3 start-ups.
- Promoting sustainable employment and quality labor force: Courses: Entrepreneurial skills-specialization - 30 people; Primary accounting - 15 people; ICT-15 people; Financial management - 15 people; Human resources management - 15 people; Marketing -15 people; Quality management - 15 people; Business Law - 15 people, Workshops.
- Attracting young talent in local companies - 30 people.
- Encouraging business partnerships - 30 people.
- 30 companies with internal regulations, strategic development plans (human resources strategy, marketing plan, general
management strategies) for medium-term and better internal operating procedures.
- Increased number of employees and entrepreneurs benefiting from professional tools, practices, management
standards and practical guides for a more inclusive workforce: Social Responsibility workshop for 30 persons.
- Increased access to value-added consulting services for 30 local companies and 100 local farms; at least 3 consulting
companies with subsidiaries in Cărpineni; modern co-working space for at least 3 consulting companies covering core business
consulting areas: 72 sqm, multi-functional printer, photovoltaic heating system, the conference room equipped with 30 chairs, video
projector, screen, tables; increased access to business information: quarterly newsletter concerning the business
environment in the Republic of Moldova and Cărpineni commune (8 editions).
- One cluster for local producers; better business connectivity and reimagining supply chains in a way that fosters the development of local economies, or identification of new markets.
- Registered Local brand; Improved local value chains.
- Awareness campaign; Attending 4 international forums; Increased visibility of the newly created brand and of the
Project documents
Elaboration of local economic development strategic documents
Project map
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Priority Area:
Partnership that connects, Partnership that empowers
Youth participation and leadership
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