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Art binds

An unforgettable anniversary experience

Discover art in a unique way, in an exhibition featuring artists from Moldova, celebrating authenticity, diversity, and innovation. Explore a space where stories come to life right before your eyes. On the occasion of our three-year anniversary, Europe Café, in collaboration with Cartego Bookstore & Art Gallery, pays tribute to the local culture and highlights the role of art in bringing Moldova closer to Europe.

The “Art binds” anniversary exhibition showcases the works of 14 local artists. Europe Cafe guests will engage with both real and digital paintings, encouraging them to become active participants in the stories unfolding within these premises. Embark on a journey into an augmented reality of imagination, where several paintings will come to life through the use of AR tools.

Discover the artists behind the “Art binds” exhibition.

Eugen Gorean

Meet a talented visual artist, who has mastered the technique of watercolor as the cornerstone of his creations. His art serves as a profound reflection of contemporary humanity, capturing the essence of our modern existence. Eugen skillfully combines expressive figurative elements with a touch of mystery, creating a delicate balance between cliché, reality, and the eternal yearning for a utopian ideal in the midst of a fragmented world.

Venice after party

Dorin Nebunu

Inspired by traditional Moldovan decorative art, encompassing tapestry, ceramic works, and household tools, Dorin synthesizes the ancient spirit of the land with modern materials and tools. His work stands as a raw yet vital form of expression, capturing the essence of color and form in its purest, most authentic state.


Marin Costiuc

Marin Costiuc describes his figurative and non-figurative compositions as having one common element: both are imbued with “symbolic weight.” He has exhibited his paintings nationally as well as in the United Kingdom. Costiuc prefers to create using oils, as they provide him with greater maneuverability to experiment with forms and colors. Additionally, oils best represent his distinctive style.

The path

Ciprian Antoci

Between figurative and abstract, with a keen interest in exploring synesthesia, his art delves into the senses. The artist explores the multisensory dimensions of reality without destabilizing the structures of the everyday.

Between elements

Leahu Eduard

Years are a person’s wealth, and there is only one failure: that of no longer being a child. This very essence is captured in his works—the quintessence of memories. Eduard believes that life is worth living for the delights that blossom amidst ruins. Self-discovery through revelation is painful. A graduate of the Academic High School of Fine Arts ‘Igor Vieru’ in Chișinău, he continues his studies in Iasi, Romania.


Daniel Căuia

A figurative painter who explores and develops new methods to communicate his ideas. As an introvert, his paintings exude a wealth of emotions experienced in the cherished moments of his life. Daniel employs collage techniques across various mediums, including oil on canvas, monoprint, and screen printing.


Petru Ceban

Watercolor and architecture harmoniously complement each other in the work of the painter Petru Ceban. He has cultivated a remarkable sensitivity to the aesthetic aspects of architectural projects, providing him with a deeper understanding of proportions and perspective.


Cristina Demian

She is a young painter from the Republic of Moldova, and in her few post-debut appearances, she has highlighted a multitude of works that unveil a meticulous talent, one that is colossal. The artist’s creation is a world composed of gestures and faces devoid of physical presence, yet they are profoundly sufficient.


Mihai Ostahi

He is a visual artist, painter, and art professor, and a member of the Artists’ Union of Moldova. For Mihai, “painting is a way of living things intensely, an expression of your emotions, a blend of the conscious and the subconscious that emerges during the process. It’s a way of being genuinely honest with yourself.


Nadia Izosimova

The young artist works in a mixed technique of embroidery and painting. Thanks to her visionary spirit, she manages to create an atmosphere full of emotion and introspection. Behind each piece lies a story that transcends the boundaries of art and touches the strings of human sensitivity.

Wild rosehip

Mihail Lazari

He is a visual artist and sculptor from the Republic of Moldova, who studied sculpture at the “George Enescu” Academy of Arts in Iași, Romania. Mihail excels in working with bronze, wood, and marble. His characters are depicted in bas-reliefs or sculptures, representing facets of the self, exploring themes such as human nature, the lost universe, flight, the meaning of the world, and life itself.

The girl

Alexander Kodimsky

He is one of the few calligraphers in the Republic of Moldova. Kodimsky’s works are true masterpieces of calligraphic art, where each letter and every line are meticulously crafted to create spectacular visual compositions. Utilizing a variety of tools and styles, he manages to convey emotions and messages in a unique and elegant manner.

The quick brown fox

Natalia Yampolskaia

She works in oil and acrylic painting techniques, as well as decorative art techniques using felt and batik. Natalie’s picturesque and decorative paintings convey the beauty and variability of the world, its fragility, and its transience.

Labyrinth of Reflection

Valentin Pascari

The artistic style of Valentin Pascari is characterized by the expression of his own language through form, splashes of color, and composition. His works exude a neo-expressionistic and naïve energy, combined with subtle influences of pop art.

Head in the clouds

Any exhibition attendee can experience an “animated” painting by bringing their phone camera close through the ArtVive app, which can be downloaded for free from the App Store (for iPhone) and Play Store (for Android).

At Europe Café, we believe in the power of art to connect people. We invite you to our information center, where real and virtual elements intertwine spectacularly to create a unique artistic experience.

The “United Through Art” exhibition was organized to celebrate the third anniversary of the most important information center of the European Union, Europe Café, in collaboration with Cartego Bookstore & Art Gallery.