Moldova against All Discrimination

Project Description
The project "Moldova against all discrimination" aims to fight discrimination against women/the LGBT community and promote gender equality in the Republic of Moldova through supporting, providing internal and advocacy training for women/LGBT organisations and activists in order to strengthen and develop their activities as well as increasing public awareness through public events including in the regions, and the production of a TV show broadcast on TV networks in Moldova.
Specific Objective
- To build the capacities of women’s/LGBT rights organizations and activists to better promote women’s and LGBT rights.
- To advocate and raise awareness to promote gender equality and prevent all forms of discrimination against women and LGBT communities.
Expected Results
- 30 women organizations members of the Gender Equality Platform have assessed their organizational and strategic capacities.
- 10 women organizations (at least 40% from regions) receive capacity building training and grants to develop/implement their strategy.
- 2 National Leadership Academies are organized with at least 60 representatives of Women and LGBT organizations participating.
- 20 grants are awarded and implemented to promote women/LGBT rights and 20 small grants are provided to build resilience of women/LGBT activists or organizations.
- 25 awareness raising events on women’s issues are organized in local libraries, 70% outside of Chisinau.
- 8 events are organized each year for International Women’s Day.
- 1 season and 12 programmes of the talk show “Optmart SRL” are produced and broadcasted.
- 1 “Optmart SRL Offline" organized in Chisinau and 7 “Offlines” in other districts.
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Priority Area:
Partnership that empowers, Partnership that empowers
Inclusion, Civil society
Women, Civil society
Project Status:
Start Date:
End Date:
Implementing Organisation:
ERIM , Gender Centru , GENDERDOC-M Information Centre
Funding by the EU:
€421 150
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