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The concept of Digital School – presented in the EdTech Forum Moldova, organised with the EU and Team Europe support

Taking into consideration the fast progress of new technologies, the school of the future is a digital one! An educational institution in the country will go through a whole process of transformation through innovation and will implement information technologies in absolutely all aspects of development and educational management. The digital transformation strategy of a “Digital School” school was presented at the “EdTech Moldova” forum in Cahul, an event organised by the “Tekwill in Every School” project, implemented by ATIC, with the support of the European Union and Sweden.

According to the Strategy, the educational institution will go through a complex process of innovative changes, with the involvement of students, teachers, managers, parents and all those connected to the educational process. The concept will be implemented in this educational institution in the academic years 2022-2023. In order to create a fully digital learning environment, the process of communication and collaboration between teachers, students, parents and managers will be digitized in the school. The digital catalogue, the school website, the social channels, as well as the communication applications will also be used for the appreciation and communication of the performances. Only digital instruments will be used in the teaching-learning process, and the classrooms will be equipped with high-performance technology, equipment and projectors. The e-transformation programme will also include training sessions for school administration members to digitize the management process. Finally, on the model of this school, in the following years of study, the Digitization Strategy will be implemented in another 60 schools in the country, which are part of the “Tekwill in Every School” programme.