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The districts from the South Development Region have elaborated and approved investments profiles

The public presentation event of the investment profile of Stefan Voda district on 2nd July 2019 finalised the preparation and approval process of the district investment profiles, elaborated within South Open Gate of Moldova for Businesses and Investments Promotion, funded by the European Union under the Mayors for Economic Growth Initiative

This process was launched in September 2018, by the creation and convening of eight district working group meetings and of the regional working group that ensured the participative process in the elaboration of the investment profiles for Basarabeasca, Cahul, Cantemir, Căușeni, Cimișlia, Leova, Ștefan Vodă and Taraclia and of the investment catalogue for the South Development Region. Those 77 investment offers presented in the respective documents are the result of the teamwork, while promotion activities of these investment offers should be carried out in the near future. 

Thus, after the approval and public presentation of the district profiles, they will be translated in Romanian, Russian and English and will serve as material for promoting the investment potential of the South Development Region for domestic and foreign investors. 

One of the promotion tools of the investment opportunities of the region identified in this process, is the web page that will be created and launched shortly by the South Regional Development Agency.

All the undertaken activities within the project will contribute to achieve the specific objective – increase of the institutional capacities to promote investments in the economy of the South Development Region.

Contact person:

Olga Gorban

Project manager

South Gate of Moldova Open for Businesses and Investments Promotion

Tel.: 069376091

Iva Stamenova

Project Manager on Agriculture, Rural Development and Food Safety

Delegation of the European Union to Moldova